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Thanks to the uniqueness that characterizes South Tyrol, it represents the ideal destination for many company events, from team building initiatives to top management retreats, from sales campaigns to product launches, from incentives to customer rewards.


South Tyrol offers an incredible natural scenery, like the Dolomites peaks (UNESCO World Heritage).

Emotionally strong context that facilitates social bonding

It is one of the most important wine producing regions in Europe - like other top quality products.

Private visits with tastings for deeper local knowledge


Untouched nature is abundant in South Tyrol, offering the perfect playground for events/activities.

Loads of outdoor activities for team building

Italian's love for great food is renown world wide - South Tyrol offers a unique combination of cuisines.

Cooking lessons and challenges for team building

Highly specialized private guides to explore the Dolomites while learning new sporty activities.

Bonding through learning new skills together


Highest standards in hospitality in any accommodation category of our chosen partners.

Warm hospitality for a relaxing atmosphere


Culinary Activities

A local wine specialist will introduce and explain the theory of biodynamic wines in a wine cellar with over 26.000 bottles.

Group set up to challenge teams in identifying smells and tastes of the tested wines!

Biodynamic Wine Tasting

A local chef will share with the group the secrets of some traditional dishes that the participants will try out theirselves.

Group can be split into different teams that can prepare one passage of a common recipe, or compete against each other.

Cooking Lessons

Visit of a local farmhouse to learn local habits, to milk a cow and make own butter/cheese.

Group can be split into different teams that can work together.

Farmhouse Visit

Follow your guide into the forest where you will learn about f​ oraging​, the selection and collection of edible wild herbs, berries and mushrooms that will be used afterwards to prepare a local dish, explained by a local chef.

Teams will have list with things to collect.

Foraging in the Forest

Private tour of a famous local winery, its property and cellar, before enjoying a private tasting with the sommelier.

Teams can engage in a challenge to recognize smells of tasted wines. 

Visit Winery & Tasting

Visit a local organic herb farm that covers 20.000 square meters where about 80 different herbs and spices are transformed from the seeds into the final product. Everyone can create its own infusion mix to take with them. 

Organic Herbs Farm

Outdoor Activities

A local guide will introduce the group to an exciting hiking day! Based on skills, preferences (and weather conditions) the guide will choose the best tour to make the day perfect.

Guided Hiking Tour

A local guide will introduce the participants to the technique of E-Biking and choose the trail according experience, length and fit level. E-bikes allow to ride mountain trails in an enjoyable way even if not super fit, thanks to its supporting electric engine.

E-Biking Experience

A via ferrata is a climbing route that employs steel cables, rungs or ladders, fixed to the rock to which the climbers affix a harness with two leashes, which allows the climbers to secure themselves to the metal fixture and limit any fall.

A mountain guide will lead the group into this activity.

Vie Ferrate Adventure

Exploring the beautiful scenery of the Dolomites from the horse back perspective allows an even stronger connection with nature.

Horse Riding Tour

The adrenalin kick of rushing down a river on a rafting boat is hard to beat. Even more exciting is the fact that it only works if the whole team rows in unison - like one single body.

Also canyoning tours are possible.

Rafting / Canyoning

Collecting dry wood, chopping and prepare it to start a fire with very basic tools can be in some circumstances indeed a challenging task.
Once started, there are really few things unifiyng a group like sitting around a fire.

Fireplace Challenge

A recreational moment when team members use a play and a fun approach to interact or compete.
In a play time people can recreate more quickly and easily their internal group dynamic or revert them at the same speed.

Team Challenge Circuit

Group will be taught the basics of surviving in the forest, before being split into groups and develop a specific skill (like building a shelter, or a trap).
Participants will learn to rely on others for own survival

Survival Course | Forest

Orienteering is an exciting outdoor adventure sport which involves walking or running whilst navigating around a course using a detailed map and sometimes a compass. The aim is to navigate in sequence between a set of control points and decide the best route to complete the course in the quickest time.


Guided tour from winery to winery to enjoy private tastings on the fabulous ​wine street,​ surrounded by vineyards, lakes and castles. Thanks to the assistance of the E-bikes pedaling is even smoother and more comfortable.

Wine & Bike Tours

South Tyrol’s lakes are ideal to engage in a relaxing time combined with a fun challenge: participants will be divided into teams and will have to compete in reaching a finish line - while being on kayaks!

Kayak Challenge | Lake

This can be the perfect working team building activity. Building a floating and working boat with the available materials each team is given. There will be a finish line to reach - first team to successfully build a floating boat and to reach the arrival wins!

Boat Building Challenge

While enjoying one of the best views in the world at 2500m altitude, overlooking all the Dolomites, a tasting of regional wines combined with local delicatessen will be presented in this unique hut, which can be reached both with skis as well as with the lift.

Tasting at 2.500m altitude

Learning a new activity like skiing can be challenging but at the same time very satisfying. Participants will be split into groups based on their level (from beginners to advanced) so ski instructors can focus on the specific skills to learn and improve.

Private Ski Instructors

Always divided into groups or teams, the participants will engage in a series of games and challenges that will enhance different team building values.
Fun team challenges enhance joyful collaboration and communication.

Team Building on the Snow

With its 1200 km perfectly groomed slopes, the Dolomiti Superski area offers the possibility to engage in full-day ski tours to discover the vast area. The different groups will be guided by selected ski instructors and meet up for a common lunch on a hut.

Ski Safaris | 1200km Slopes

Snowshoeing allows people to walk easier and faster on deep snow in forest and beautiful snowy landscapes without previous experience. The team can reach a hut off the beaten track for lunch.

Snow Shoeing | Forest

Dog sledding is an alternative sporting activity to classic skiing that can be experienced by everyone. Participants will learn how to handle the dog-pulled sled guided by an instructor, immersed in nature.

Dog Sledge Adventure

The construction of an igloo is a unique and unforgettable experience. Equipped with saws and shovels, each team will build their own igloo under the guidance of our expert. The igloo construction project is as entertaining as it is team building.

Team Igloo Construction

A person buried by a snow avalanche can be found by measuring the magnetic field generated by an avalanche beacon or ARTVA. Teams will be taught how to use the device and will engage in a challenge against other teams to find the hidden person/item first.

ARTVA Research Experience

The participants will be taught the basics of surviving in the forest, before being split into groups and develop a specific skill (like building a shelter, or a trap).

Survival Course | Winter

Indoor Activities

Indoor climbing is a challenging activity that combines physical and coordination skills with full trust, since the end of the safety rope is held by the partner. Instructors will assist the climbers and the partners in every passage.

Indoor Climbing

A challenging team building activity (also great for bad weather conditions) is a laser game: group will be split in two adversary teams that will have to develop a common strategy to overcome the opponents.

Laser Game


The perfect conclusion of the retreat can be a private event, carefully planned in every detail: from the catering, to the entertainment program, to the selection of the location, that can vary from a private hut on the mountain, to a luxurious chalet, to a castle or other selected highlights.


For smaller groups we are glad to offer some additional exclusive activities as well as some special accommodations.


For smaller groups we are able to offer unique chalets and villas, ideally located in secluded areas surrounded by nature, in order to avoid any distraction, while offering plenty of space and potential for developing ideas, improving communication, as well as strengthen relationships in a cozy environment.


Visit a bunker, carved in the rock and forgotten for more than a hundred years, that has now been transformed into a cellar to season cheese. Temperature of 10° and high humidity rate are naturally constant all year along. A tour of the tunnel is a mix of a museum visit and a cheese and artisanal beer tasting.


A private ski instructor will guide the team on the famous Sellaronda ski carousel, during which participants will pass through 4 different valleys. Skiers will stop in each valley to taste a typical dish (aperitif, appetizers, main course and dessert), combined with a selected local wine.  A unique experience.


Many experiences can be combined with a helicopter transfer, both winter (for example ski one way and fly back at the end of the day) and summer (to reach special places that are further away).


Experience a tandem paragliding flight on top of the mountain! Excitement, adrenalin and many emotions will accompany you on this wonderful experience


Val Gardena has a century old tradition of woodcarving - meet the talented artist Aron Demetz at his atelier and learn the basic wood carving techniques to make your own piece of art!

Much more can be created on request.

Contact us for additional information and a personalized proposal.

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