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Local gourmet tour


Italy is known worldwide for its long history of wine production. As the largest wine producer worldwide, Italy offers a broad variety of wines. South Tyrol is home to some historically fundamental wine-regions which combine strong traditions with the newest technologies. We organise for you a private wine tasting tour through the fabulous “Wine Street”, which is just about an hour drive from the heart of the Dolomites. Learn about the history of the local wines and discover some very atmospheric cellars where you will taste and enjoy both the ambience and the wines.


After that, you will visit a local distillery which produces grappe, distillates, liqueurs and some other oenogastronomic specialities in jars. All products are craftmande and use local ingredients.


One of the best cheese factories will offer you a guided tasting through it's traditional and innovative cheese variety.


To complete the gourmet tour you have the opportunity to visit one of the best butcher's shops in the area, where you will taste some local traditional food.

Obviously we are happy to assist you in your gastronomic shopping and are glad to organise a delivery to your home address for you.

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