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Dream Beyond - Dream Team

"I decided to use my passions, my energy and creativity to realize something unique: do what I love by creating unforgettable experiences for others."

"This is the life

I was dreaming of

when I was a kid"

CEO & Founder

Travel designer


I have been on my first overseas flight when I wasn't even able to walk on my own yet. Since then traveling has become a very important aspect of my life.

After my degree in Business Management in Milan and London I started my career in Consulting and Marketing - soon I realized I needed to choose my own path: the foundation of my own agency was an inevitable step.

Italian and German as mother-languages, a very long practice in English, chattering myself through Spanish and on my way to breaking the ice with Russian and French. Yes, I love languages.

Adrenalin is my addiction. I started Alpine ski races when I was 5 and in my early twenties I won the Italian Freeride Championship - I've been working as a ski instructor in the Dolomites since almost 15 years.

Experienced diver with more than 300 dives all over the world, and great enthusiast about trying everything that's new.


I was born and raised in a small town on the mountains in Italy. Through this environment I developed my passions for nature, snow and horses.

I'm also a ski instructor since 

I've always been interested in art, history and geography which brought me to learn 5 languages. Working as ski instructor and physical therapist I've been living in different countries from Spain to New Zealand.

I think working in tourism was a natural consequence of my background and passions.

And so I've found my path.

I also like to make wood sculptures and I'm a terrible guitar player, check from time to time this section - if I improve I'll change that last sentence!

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